Civic Hub Soft Launch – Housewarming Potluck Party

Hi All Civic Hub Enthusiasts,

Since the last Civic Hub Meeting on June 4th, three strategic meetings have taken place. And this is what you need to know:

Civic Hub Soft Launch, Wednesday July 10th — 6-9 pm

Housewarming Potluck Party, networking, mix and mingle in our image!

RSVP by July 8th!

Launch of the | Civic Hub | Housewarming Potluck Party | Wednesday July 10, 2019 | St. John Church, 23 Water St. N., Kitchener | Entrance on Duke Street | 6pm - 9pm | Activating Energy And Ideas

The Board of the Social Development Centre WR decided on June 7th:

  • Civic Hub is a project of the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region (SDCWR), and the Board of the SDCWR assumes legal and financial responsibility, insurance coverage and dedication of the staff time to the project
  • SDCWR will be dedicating of resources and staff or associate time, phone, Internet, printing and other supports as available to the initial operations of the Civic Hub
  • SDCWR will be coordinating resource and partnership development work to ensure sustainability of the project after the initial 6 months pilot
  • SDCWR will continue to negotiate the conditions of the pilot project with St. John Church, including booking of the time slots and other logistics questions
  • SDCWR expects the Facilitating Group (currently including 8 reps from Civic Hub partner groups) to:
    • identify options of covering the costs for the first six months through seeking donations or having partner $10 contributions whenever possible to offset the rent and other expenses
    • Support the resource development and partner engagement

At the meeting of the SDCWR and St John Church representatives on June 12th, it was agreed that:

  • In July and August, the bookings would be dedicated in the following time slots (including set up and clean up):
    • Saturdays 10am to 9:30pm
    • Tuesdays for 3pm to 9:30pm
    • Wednesdays 3pm to 9:30pm (based on the feedback from the Facilitation Group)
  • The two half days plus Saturdays would be $100 per month
  • Civic Hub bookings remain flexible to work around current and future paying renters at St John Church
  • The partner groups and users of the Civic Hub would sign an agreement for housekeeping and stewardship of the space

Further clarification of the roles and responsibilities of the Steering Group and the Facilitation Group, including the partners at the Civic Hub would be reviewed as the pilot unfolds.

Meeting of the Leadership/Facilitation Team June 21, 2018

The group would rather be called Facilitation Team (Lori-Ann, Vinita, Diana, Lesley, Bob, Loralie, Anna, Sharon, Shaku)

The groups associated with the Civic Hub would be called Partners. All the partners are welcome to participate at the Facilitation Team. All the partners would be expected to contribute in any way possible ($10 per month, time, resources, furniture, in-kind, dark roast coffee, etc).

The Facilitation group members represent the partner groups they are associated with and keep the broader collective in mind when making decisions. Besides providing the basic logistics, our vision has to translate into engagement of 40+ groups currently interested in growing and collaborating. We want to host joint events and activities in the space too that would invite residents to join in and help with the creation of a 3rd space, needed in the community.

We will assess what we have achieved at the end of summer.

RSVP for the Housewarming Potluck Party by July 8th and bring your flyers, group info and posters.

Get inspired by answering the question from the June 4th meeting: What is the first thing you would do once Civic Hub opens doors?

Warmest Regards,

Executive Director
Social Development Centre Waterloo Region
23 Water St. North, Map
Kitchener ON, N2H 5A4

(entrance and doorbell on Duke Street)
Phone: +1-519-579-3800

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