Mobilizing Rights for Climate Justice: Reviewing the Inuit, Urgenda, and Enjeu Cases

27 March 2019 @ 11:30 am
67 Erb Street West
Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 6C2
519 885 244 ext 7379

Mobilizing Rights for Climate Justice: Reviewing the Inuit, Urgenda, and Enjeu Cases

Featuring Sebastien Jodoin, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law of McGill University

In this presentation, Sébastien Jodoin will address three important cases that have invoked human rights in the context of climate change. The initial discussion will focus on the long-term impact of a petition submitted in 2005 by Inuit communities against the United States before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights for the human rights violations caused by climate change. Professor Jodoin will present findings from an in-depth socio-legal analysis of the petition’s influence that draws on semi-structured interviews and participation/observation completed in two Inuit communities in Canada and within the broader transnational advocacy network at the intersections of human rights and climate justice.

Next, Professor Jodoin will discuss a case launched by the Urgenda Foundation against the Dutch government, which has resulted in a decision by the Hague Court of Appeal obliging the Netherlands to increase its ambition in combating climate change on the basis of its human rights obligations. Professor Jodoin will highlight key legal and strategic factors that have shaped Urgenda’s success thus far.

Finally, there will be discussion centering on the first class action climate lawsuit, which was filed against the government of Canada by Environnement Jeunesse in November 2018. Professor Jodoin will address the particular features of the Québec Charter of Rights and Freedoms that make Québec a favourable jurisdiction for rights-based climate litigation. This analysis will highlight the potential and limitations of drawing on human rights law to empower citizens and communities defending their rights from the consequences of a changing climate.

The presentation will start promptly at noon, and will be preceded by a light lunch starting at 11:30am.

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