Social Services in Cambridge: Where are we, and where are we going?

7 November 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Bowman Room, Cambridge City Hall
50 Dickson Street
Cambrige, Ontario

Please attend this free public forum to hear from — and ask questions of — those on the front lines of homelessness and addiction.


  • Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank
    Cameron Dearlove, Executive Director
  • Sanguen Health Centre
    Dr. Chris Steingart, Executive Director
  • Cambridge Shelter Corp (Bridges)
    Lynn Perry, Executive Director
  • House of Friendship
    John Neufeld, Executive Director
  • Lutherwood Housing
    Lynn Macaulay, Housing Co-ordinator

Special Guest Panelist

  • Working Centre / St. John’s Kitchen
    Joe Mancini, Co-Founder


  • Bob Miller

There is no mystery that we are facing a variety of growing challenges within our community — homelessness, safety issues, a Safe Consumption Site, a lack of social services, etc.

For A Better Cambridge has had the opportunity to engage with hundreds of residents as well as the leaders of a variety of community-focused non-government organizations, the City and Region as part of advocating for residents who love where we live.

The issues are complex and there are no simple solutions.

Join us for a critical and timely conversation to learn more, from the perspective of those who deal with these challenges on the front lines. Meeting over by 9pm.

Com and listen to a dialogue designed to offer clarity. Use the opportunity to get answers to your questions.

Let’s come together as a community of concerned citizens.

Presented by For A Better Cambridge, a grass roots organization of concerned Cambridge residents and businesses that want to see our city thrive and prosper.

Beyond this upcoming public information meeting, we have a few key concerns:

  • the safety and security of residents in the downtown areas and surrounding neighbourhoods, school yards, and community parks
  • the state of our downtown core, which could be cleaner, more vibrant, and more welcoming to residents and visitors
  • appropriate support for the homeless, drug addicted, and those with mental health issues – while minimizing the impact on surrounding neighbourhoods and businesses
  • an equitable distribution of support services across our community and the greater Waterloo region

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