Reframing Crime, Justice & Prevention, A community course by @PreventingCrime

7 December 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Community Justice Initiatives
49 Queen Street North
Juanita Metzger

Friends of Crime Prevention

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Friends of Crime Prevention, with the support of the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council, will offer its very first Community Course. This course was developed by a creative and rambunctious group of Friends of Crime Prevention so you know it’s going to be good! Several Friends will be part of the course facilitation.

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Crime prevention is more than just locking your doors at night and sending people to jail. To address the roots of crime, we’ll have to go deeper, reframe and make some shifts.

In order to create truly safer, healthier communities we need to mobilize a wide range of people — from neighbours and community groups to municipal leaders and large institutions.

That includes you. And we’re pleased to offer our very first community course Reframing Crime Justice Prevention: A Community Course that will help our community make the shift.

About the Course: Reframing Crime, Justice & Prevention

This course is for Friends of Crime Prevention and any community member who is open to looking beyond the accepted status quo, thinking critically about these issues and willing to examine issues from every possible perspective – maybe even some perspectives with which you would disagree.

Every Thursday:
26 October — 7 December 2017
6:30pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Community Justice Initiatives & Kitchener Public Library
Queen Street North, Downtown Kitchener

Learn More About The Course & How To Register

In an active learning environment, we’ll examine questions like:

  • What if we could change things about our society that would prevent crime before it happens?
  • What cultural, political or social structures impede us from creating a safer community?
  • How might addressing the roots of crime resolve social issues?
  • Can we shift our understanding of the relationship between crime, justice and prevention?

Course Methods and Activities

As a group, you will co-create learning through an interdisciplinary examination of issues using experiential activities. Learning activities may include: group conversations, circle discussions, case studies, problem-solving exercises, guest facilitators, interactive activities, and possibly a field trip. At the end of the course, the group will collaborate on a project that articulates your learning journey. The project will be presented to the community at a “porch chat” type event in Winter 2018.

Who Can Participate?

This course is for Friends of Crime Prevention and community members who are open to thinking critically about crime, prevention, and justice from many different perspectives.

For the first voyage of this course, we are accepting up to 10 participants and we ask that you are able to commit to full 7 weeks + Winter 2018 event.

Juanita Metzger
Community Engagement Coordinator
Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council
73 Queen Street North, Kitchener, ON N2H 2H1
Phone: +1-519-575-4400;ext=3548
Mobile: +1-519-502-0825

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