Minutes of KW Peace Organizational Pot Luck, 20 July 2016

Event announcement: KW Peace Organizational Pot Luck

Minutes July 20, 2016:

Attendees: Gehan, Eleanor, Sue, Diane, Laura, Roger, Matt, Bob, Emily

  • Planning for “Perspectives on Peace: Local Approaches to Positive Change”
  • Options for date/venue
    • October 1st with St. John’s Kitchen, Stirling, City Hall, or other option
    • October 15th with Grebel
    • We prefer City Hall, gives a different feel to the event, gives legitimacy. Roger will look into City Hall availability, Bob will inquire about St. John’s and Sue about Stirling as back up options
      • There is a $500 a year grant for non-profit groups offered by the city of Kitchener, may be able to use this to cover city hall costs
  • Day of schedule
    • 9:30 – Meet and greet, coffee, muffins
    • 10:00 – Keynote
    • 11:00 – Coffee Break
      • Use Ten Thousand Villages coffee
    • 11:15 – Q&A
    • 12:00 – lunch
      • Do we want to show a short film? Have prompt questions?
      • If anyone finds a good short film let us know
    • 1:00 – lightning rounds – probably about 4 rounds of 15ish minutes each
      • Reps from each group circulate between tables to talk about their group/answer questions
      • Other options would be to have people move or groups speak to the crowd, but we prefer speakers moving
      • Maybe begin this sesh with a quick intro to each group so people get a sense of who is there
    • 2:30 – Big 4 (thunder round?) Focus on resilience positive concrete outlook on life
    • 3:30 – summary and closing
    • Insurance
      • We probably need insurance for any space we’re going to use. Can we use a participating group’s insurance? Maybe Amnesty if they decide to work with us. Should be ok if we have at least one group helping to organize that’s insured
    • Depending on cost of space, we’ll have suggested donations – but we don’t want to bar anyone from participating so no registration fees
    • Program – Matt will design. Black and white. Laura can print. Matt will also design a poster.
    • We’ll make a registration form directly on the KW Peace site
    • Next potluck meeting: August 17th 6pm at Stirling (waiting confirmation from Sue if available)
    • Other events:

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