Minutes of KW Peace Subcommittee planning meeting July 19, 2017

In attendance: Laura, Gehan, Emily

  • We need to change the Date to September 30th
    • Doesn’t fit in with Centre for Peace Advancement (Grebel)’s peace week
    • But the 23rd conflicts with Shiv’s annual SHEN conference, probably overlapping people
    • Also Matt is no longer able to attend the 23rd
    • Venue is available the 30th as well
  • Title of event- Perspectives on Peace: Peace in our Community
  • Booth fair
    • Instead of discussion groups at the end, have the different groups involved have booths and people can wander and talk to group representatives as they please
  • Panel
    • Speakers:
      • ┬áMelissa Webster: anti-poverty. Confirmed
      • Gehan: Intercultural dialogue. Confirmed
      • Trudy: community development. To be asked by Bob
      • Lori Campbell: Aboriginal reparations. To be asked by Emily
    • We should have an honourarium for the speakers, but with what money
    • Questions for panel
      • Who are you, what is your group and personal perspective on Peace in the Community
      • What would you change in our community if you could
      • What are the barriers to building peace, and how can we overcome them?
      • What can people do, from your perspective
  • Schedule
    • 4-4:30: meet and greet
    • 4:30-5:30: Panel
    • 5:30-5:45: Pass the mic
    • 5:45-6:15: Dinner and casual discussion
    • 6:15-7:15: Networking/ booth visiting
    • 7:15: gathering thoughts and dismissed!
  • Food
    • Snacks when people first arrive: Hummus, pita, veggies
    • Main dish- Laura will think on what to make
  • We’ll want feedback from people on what they want for future symposiums like this. Could either do this by email slips at the event or an email survey
  • Invitations
    • Once we confirm the date we should start inviting community groups
    • Also can invite the mayors, chief of police, crime and prevention council members, people in the diversity and hate crime positions with the police, Kirsten and Donna Moncuso
  • Emily will be moderator
  • Matt has offered to do visual promotion (poster art)

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