Minutes of the KWPeace Collaborative Potluck Dinner, 16 June 2016

Event announcement: KWPeace Collaborative Potluck Dinner

Minutes June 16, 2016:

Present: Bob, Emily, Matt, Roger, Laura, Dwyer, and Sue


  • Community groups symposium

    • Paul Heidebrecht offered space on behalf of the Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA) at Conrad Grebel

    • Keynote speaker

      • Simon Dalby, chair of Climate Change and Geopolitics was suggested as a speaker. Laura said she has worked with him before and he would most likely be supportive. She will ask if he is available

      • His expertise is talking about how climate change makes the world more violent

    • Date: Tentatively Sat October 1st, weekend of International Day of Nonviolence (Oct 2nd). Will confirm once we have space and keynote confirmed for that day

    • Who do we think would participate?

      • Amnesty International

      • CPA peace incubator participants

      • MCRS/Refugee groups?

      • Alternatives to Violence Project

      • Christian Peacemaker Teams

      • Nonviolence Festival

      • Divest Waterloo

      • Food not Bombs

      • Green Party

      • Other political parties?

      • Line 9

      • Fair Vote

      • Alliance Against Poverty

    • Food

      • Laura said she would be able to do the food, as she’s worked with Food Not Bombs. It would be free. Could probably use the co-op kitchen at St. John’s to prepare the food, nonprofis use it for free.

      • Would need to heat up the food either in Grebel Kitchen or with hot plates

    • “Lightning Rounds”

      Have small table groups, and a “speaker/representative” from the local peacemaking groups circulate. They’ll visit each table for 10-15 minutes and then the speaker will move to a new table. Get to engage/hear about what they’re doing.

    • Wrap up

      • Sort groups into 4 categories – examples are Environment, Politics, Human Rights, Food, Refugees, Poverty

        We need to narrow down the themes. Wait until we see what groups are participating, and then make the themes based off of them

      • People choose which category they’re the most interested in, talk about ideas/projects/moving forward, then share with the larger group

      • Goal is to motivate and come up with solid action

    • Need tag line

      • Tentative Title “Perspectives on Peacemaking”

      • Is peacemaking too narrow, will groups feel that includes their work? Maybe use the word change or positive change or something similar to make it broader?

      • Please email the group with any potential taglines/titles

  • To Do:

    • Emily to write up words/description for publicity materials

    • Confirm dates with venue (Emily) and speaker (Laura)

    • Everyone – help collaborate on title/tagline, and once Emily has a draft email to send and dates are confirmed, invite the groups you have connections with to participate

  • Next meeting

    In 1 months, July 6th at 6pm (pending availability of Stirling)

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