Subcommittee Meeting Minutes August 17, 2017

Minutes from KW Peace Subcommittee Meeting, August 17, 2017


Attendance: Emily, Bob, Gehan


  • Food – Laura has the food under control. Do we need prep volunteers?
  • Audio Visual – what does the venue have
    • Bob has 4 mics, a speaker, and a mixer but we might as well use what’s on site if possible. He also only has stand up mic stands
  • Registration form – need to make another form for this year, same as last year, so people can sign up. Will have the link on the poster
  • Poster – Matt is working on it, has a first draft.
    • Need brief bios for the poster and for programs
    • Emily will write Gehan and will email Trudy
    • Bob will contact Richard and Melissa
    • Gehan will donate black and white printed programs, and will print colour posters for us at cost
    • Will bring posters to next potluck on the 30th for distribution
  • Bob will give Emily the mailing list for last year’s participants to contact (
  • Need a list of groups for the Mic intros and for the program
  • Emily will write a press release
  • Panel format
    • Speakers are Richard Walsh, Melissa Webster, Trudy Beaulne, and Gehan Sabry
    • Have some questions queued up, but open to audience first.
    • Optimally would have a wireless mic, but if not moderator can repeat questions
  • Chair set up
    • Will likely be in angled rows facing the stage
  • Gehan has a list of media we can use for publicity.

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