@KWPeace@KWPeace.ca is now in the #Fediverse!

(multi-coloured pentagram with a full mesh of links to each vertex, whcih are represented by a coloured circle)

Attention Fedizens!

You can now follow @KWPeace@KWPeace.ca, or any other author in the Fediverse.

If you use Mastodon, GNUsocial, Pleroma, or any other application that uses ActivityPub you’ll see all the articles and events on kwpeace.ca as they are posted.

KWPeace is always looking for additional contributors. If you’re an organizer for a Peace, Nonviolence, Social Justice, or Human Rights group active in the Waterloo Region (Ontario, Canada) you can post announcements of your upcoming events here. They’ll show up on Twitter @KWPeace as well as on every Fediverse instance where someone has subscribed to @KWPeace@KWPeace.ca

List of all authors on kwpeace.ca

Looking for a Fediverse instance to join? Try the Canadian https://mstdn.ca/ or the Waterloo Region https://wrmstdn.ca/

Questions? Check out the tips on https://fedi.tips/ as posted by @feditips@mstdn.social (a Fediverse ID), or you can ask us at info@kwpeace.ca (an e-mail address).