Vigil for Gaza, 5pm Thursday 19 October 2023 at CBC on King St, Kitchener

What: Vigil for Gaza
When: 5:00pm, Thursday 19 October 2023
Where: In front of the CBC building
Location: 117 King Street West, Kitchener Map
Online: Vigil for Gaza (KW in support of Palestine on Facebook)

Join KW in support of Palestine for a vigil this Thursday, 19 October 2023 at 5:00 pm in front of the CBC building to honor all those murdered in Gaza by the ongoing Israeli bombing campaign and call out the media for their role in manufacturing consent for this ongoing genocide.

Since Tuesday, the Israeli regime has bombed more than one hospital filled with civilians seeking shelter. The death toll of just that attack is 800+. This is GENOCIDE.

In just the past 9 days we’ve seen the death toll rise to more than 4000, with more than 1000 of them being children. Entire neighborhoods have been wiped out and entire families. More than 47 families have been entirely removed from the Gaza civil registry. They’ve targeted and murdered medics, nurses and journalists. They’ve bombed schools, hospitals, ambulances, and residential buildings. There more than a million and a half Palestinians now internally displaced. This is genocide.

Come out and demand the end of media complicity, the end of the brutal bombing campaign and an end to the 17 year siege on Gaza while we honor those murdered by the Israeli regime.

Vigil for Gaza | Thursday, October 19 (2023) 5pm | CBC Building, 117 King St W, Kitchener (white and yellow letters over a background photo of a war-torn city, with two candles at the bottom. A number of organizations' logos are at the top)