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Bus to Chatham Rally to Save Health Services with @Health_Region @ Waterloo Town Square
Nov 2 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Save The Services That Save Us (poster for Chatham rally for WR Health Coalition)
Download the poster (PDF, 504 kBytes)

The Ontario Health Coalition is planning 3 – 4 mass stadium rallies this fall with the goal of stopping the Public Health and local ambulance service and dispatch closures, stopping the hospital and long-term care cuts and stopping health care privatization across the board, from home care to long-term care, hospital diagnostic services to community care. We have already slowed down significantly plans for mega-mergers and we have won better funding in health care than in virtually all other Ontario Ministries as a result of our fightback campaign. In fact, leading into our rally last fall, the province announced $90 million and more than 600 hospital beds, responding to our campaigning work on hospital overcrowding.

But the Ford government has a radical $22 billion cut plan — the most radical in our province’s history — so our success is relative. Across the board, health care funding is not keeping pace with inflation and population growth and contains nothing for ageing costs. Therefore, already too-long waiting lists for hospital, long-term, home and community care will not be addressed and services will not be able to keep pace with population need. Hospital, ambulance and long-term care funding do not keep pace even with inflation, meaning that there are real-dollar cuts (and therefore service cuts) in hospitals, paramedic and long-term care that are already rolling out across Ontario.

In addition, municipal long-term care homes have been hit particularly hard with the cancellation of two special funds that supported many of them in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

The cuts for Public Health and ambulance services are even more dramatic. The province is planning to cut almost 1/3 of provincial funding for Public Health. They are planning to close 25 Public Health Units, 49 local ambulance services, and local ambulance dispatch centres. We have pasted a list of the most recent hospital service cuts below. A full list of all the Ford government health care cuts from mental health to pharmacare, hospitals to public health, ambulance services to home care, is available on the Ontario Health Coalition website: Mounting Health Care Cuts

I am organizing a Bus (Coach departs from Waterloo Square at 8:30 AM and returns at 4:30 PM) to take us from Waterloo to the Chatham Stadium Rally and back on Nov 2nd. It’s a Saturday so I am asking for your commitment to going down and back with us, in support of the Chatham Rally. Given that this is a big expense for us at the WRHC we need to ask you to commit to the day and reserve a seat on the bus!. There will be no charge for the coach but we would request that you bring your own lunch.

Just send me a quick email if you can attend and I will reserve a seat for you (bring a friend!).

Your support is crucial if we are going to fill up this bus and importantly the Stadium in Chatham on Nov 2. Please see the attached poster.

Thank you for everything you are doing to protect our public healthcare system in Ontario.


Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart writes:

Hi Bob,

We are trying to fill a bus for the upcoming Chatham Rally. on November 2nd. Chatham has been selected as one of the sites for these rallies so that we can express our deep concern and our resistance to closing all but 10 Public Health units across ON (poster attached).

Bob, can you help me fill the bus that we have leaving from Uptown Waterloo? Would your KW Peace members stand with us in sending a powerful message to the Ford government?

The WRHC is funding the bus trip and we are collaborating with Ontario health coalitions all over SW Ontario to fill the Chatham stadium.

Please let me know if you can support our efforts to protect the Waterloo Region Public Health Unit.

Best Regards,

Jim Stewart
Waterloo Region Health Coalition

This is the email address of the Waterloo Region Health Coalition. For information on the Ontario Health Coalition to join or subscribe to blogs, etc. go to

We meet the second Monday of every month from 7 to 9 PM in the Heather Room at the St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 54 Queens St N., Kitchener, ON N2H 2H2. Please join us in protecting and rebuilding our Universal Health Care.

Sure thing, Jim! I’ve forwarded your request to the organizers of the groups that make up KWPeace. And putting the event on the calendar may connect with some additional people!