KW Peace Meeting: Thursday, 16 June 2016, 6-8pm

Hello All!

Bowls of foodThe next KW Peace potluck meeting will be June 16th 2016 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church’s Peace and Justice room (a different room than before), 57 Stirling Avenue North Kitchener. Map Please bring a dish to share!

If you haven’t been posting your events to the KW Peace calendar, please consider checking it out! We want to advertise the KW Peace calendar to the public, so it’d be ideal to have lots of events posted. If you need help with the website, please contact Bob Jonkman –

At our previous KW Peace Potluck meeting we had discussed holding a one day conference event, hosted by the members of this group and open to other group members as well as members of the public. This would be a unique opportunity to work together each other and share our work and ideas! We’re really excited about this idea, and hope that you’ll be excited too.

Four people holding handsThe focus of this event would be “Perspectives on Peacemaking,” and we invite groups to share how they are making peace in our local or global community. We define peace in the broad holistic sense, so any work that improves our community and contributes to social justice is included. The main purpose of the event would be highlighting the great work that goes on in our community, learning from each other, as well as giving people practical ways to get involved and make a difference.

Tentatively we are thinking our event would include longer presentations (30 mins to 1 hour), round table discussions, and short (2-5 min) presentations. During the longer presentations, a group or speaker might share an issue that is relevant to our community, how they address the issue, and how people can get involved. The round table discussion would have pre-selected questions that you discuss with people around you, in order to facilitate sharing of ideas and information. The short presentations would give a group an opportunity to just briefly say some kind of announcement or message they want to get out to this audience. We would also have table space available for displays or other types of publicity materials (brochures, business cards, etc)

Please let us know if you are interesting in helping with the planning and facilitating of this event, presenting a long or short presentation, or having table space for materials.

Additionally, if you are interested in participating in the KW Peace initiatives, please sign up for the KW Peace Groups mailing list.



Emily Mininger
PeaceQuest KW Affiliate Facilitator

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