Rally for Gaza CANCELLED – but let’s keep in touch


I just heard that the Palestinian students have cancelled the rally against
the war in Gaza
, scheduled for Sunday.

But as we all know, the war on Gaza is not over. With the ongoing blockade they can’t even get what they need to start rebuilding – again.

In brainstorming with a friend tonight, I wondered if those of us who are interested could start some ongoing action in KW, to raise awareness of the daily violence that Palestinians face.

Did you all see the 2 excellent letters in Friday’s Record, confronting the unjust way the Palestinians are portrayed by gov’t and media? One was by Rev Desmond Jagger-Parsons of Trinity United Church – who is one of the people on this list. Desmond you were really on a tear! Good for you.

What are some things we might do? Share articles among ourselves? Start a moderated discussion list? Start a blog? Hold a regular public vigil – for Palestinians killed, or imprisoned, or land lost, or homes demolished and trees uprooted …. it’s endless.

Please let’s keep talking and sharing ideas. We’ve abandoned the field to the pro-Israel spin doctors for too long!


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Author: Bob Jonkman

Bob Jonkman runs SOBAC Microcomputer Services, providing technical support to large and small businesses. A social justice advocate, Bob has been the Green Party candidate in Kitchener-Conestoga and Brantford-Brant.

One thought on “Rally for Gaza CANCELLED – but let’s keep in touch”

  1. Dear reader,

    The short ceasefire in Gaza provides a platform from which to launch practical, forward-looking, humanitarian proposals that are not aimed directly at ending the conflict but could represent the first steps in a process of de-escalation and amelioration.

    With the help of Avaaz.org I have just set up the petition “UN to run Gaza’s border controls (sea and air)”, which states:

    “With international agreement, the UN should gently but firmly take the Gaza blockade out of the hands of the Israelis so that it can itself operate a humanised version of the blockade, in place of the present Israeli restrictions. The UN would hold an international conference at which it would seek everyone’s agreement to take over the running of the blockade from the Israelis. The UN version would not be called a “blockade”, it could be referred to as “internationally mandated border controls”, or something similar. The USA would use its authority as Israel’s main source of financial aid to ensure its cooperation.”

    This proposed handover of responsibility for Gaza’s border controls would offer the following advantages and benefits:
    1. Humanitarian and human rights considerations would be built into the new border control regime, in a public and verifiable way. This would reassure the Palestinians.
    2. Israel’s legitimate security considerations would be built into the new border control regime, in a public and verifiable way. This would reassure the Israelis.
    3. US involvement in the preparations for and implementation of this UN conference would be crucial, and would greatly improve the image of the US in the world.
    4. This handover initiative would greatly improve the image of the UN in the world. If this isn’t the kind of thing that the UN should be doing, what is?

    Please would you consider adding your name to this petition, and publicising it in any way that you can? Particularly through Facebook and Twitter, about which (as you may know) I am clueless.

    You can read more and sign the petition here:


    Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

    Best wishes
    Dave Bradney

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