Stand with Gaza and U.S. students for Palestine at University of Waterloo, 8:30am Wednesday 1 May 2024

Tamara Lorincz writes:

Please join us tomorrow morning if you can before work! Please spread the word!

When: 8:30am to 9:30am, Wednesday 1 May 2024
Where: In front of University of Waterloo, ION train crossing
Location: 170 University Avenue, Waterloo Map

Join us with your flags & signs.

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor | Day 200 | The Israeli Genocide in the Gaza Strip | 7 October 2023 - 23 April 2024 | Killed *: 42,510; 15,780 Children; 10,091 Women ; 38,621 Civilians | Injured: 79,240 | Journalists killed: 137 | Displaced: 2,000,000 | Completely destroyed homes: 131,200 | Partially destroyed homes | 281,000 | Destroyed/damaged press headquarters: 178 | Damaged schools: 445 | Destroyed industrial facilities: 2,271 | Damaged mosques: 651 | Damaged churches: 3 | Healthcare professionals: 905; 356 killed; 549 injured | Healthcare facilities: 322; 29 Hospital; 72 Clinics; 221 Ambulances | Heritage sites: 203 | Civil defense workers: 203; 42 Killed; 161 Injured | Detainees/Forcibly disappeared: 3,661 | * The killed number includes those presumed dead under the rubbleIn Gaza, there are over 42,000 Palestinians killed and over 79,000 injured. All the universities, schools and libraries are destroyed. Most of the hospitals and homes are in ruins. Academics, doctors, nurses, paramedics and journalists and their families are killed. Israel is blocking aid and food to Gaza and Palestinians are starving. This is a genocide! See these EuroMed Human Rights statistics.

Across North America, students are rising up, occupying their campuses and condemning university complicity in the genocide unfolding in Gaza. American students have been violently assaulted and detained by police.

Canada is complicit by sending weapons to Israel. We need a two-way arms embargo against Israel. Stop the weapons! Frequently Asked Questions: Arms Embargo on Israel

Canadian universities are complicit in their silence. The universities and colleges in Waterloo-Kitchener should stop being silent, should speak out against genocide & divest from weapons & war. No more research with weapons companies.